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Full Service Detailing

Please call the location to schedule your detailing appointment.

Our Full Exterior Service ($140*)

  • Complete Custom Wash
  • Clay Treatment
  • Deep Polish
  • Was & Paint Sealer
  • Trim Treatment
  • Tires & Wheels Dressed

Our Full Interior Service ($145*)

  • Includes Exterior Wash
  • Dash Interior Express
  • Upholstery / Leather Express
  • Wheels Cleaned & Dressed
  • Trunk Vacuumed & Headliner Cleaned

Bumper to Bumper ($195*)

  • Wash Clay Wax
  • Dash and Interior Express
  • Carpet Shampoo Express
  • Upholstery / Leather Express
  • This package incorporates “ALL” of the “Express Packages”

The Best Supreme Detail ($280*)

Includes our Full Exterior Treatment, and a Full Interior Cleaning. Ozone and stain removal included.

Our Supreme Exterior Treatment Features the following 5 step process:

  • Step 1: Exterior Wash – Custom wash of the cars’ exterior including the rims, wheel wells and undercarriage. $13 if purchased separately.
  • Step 2: Clay Treatment – Removal of most contaminants from the paint surfaces such as rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout, leaving the surface with a smooth, glass-like finish. $85 if purchased separately.
  • Step 3: Buff/Wax – Removal of minor scratches and light oxidation through buffing, polishing, restoring and rejuvenating the paint to its original brilliance and luster. Using a low speed orbital buffer, we apply the industry’s best carnuba wax leaving a durable shine, which protects the vehicle’s paint. $75 if purchased separately, includes steps 4 and 5.
  • Step 4: Paint Sealant – Paint sealant is hand applied with an orbital buffer that bonds the sealant to the vehicle for maximum protection against the damaging elements. $45 if purchased separately.
  • Step 5: Trim Treatment – All trim is treated with the industry’s best UV protectant sealer and rims are waxed.

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Nano Ceramic Polymer Coating

Improve your gloss by up to 10%

Reacts with your vehicles clear coat finishing to add a second layer and a thicker coating for added protection.

The coating is extremely weather resistant and protects against UV rays, acid rain, hard water spots, tree sap, insects, bird droppings and road deicing materials.

This product protects your vehicle’s paint for guaranteed for up to two years*. (Limited written warranty for vehicles under 10 years of age)

*Vehicle may need prior preparation at an additional cost

A LA Carte Options

Compounding / Paint Scratch Removal$65 /hr
Headlight Restoration$30 /per set
Vision Clear Windshield Treatment$15
Interior Detailed Cleaning$65 /hr
Interior Dash Wipe Down$20
Tree Sap / Road Tar Removal$65 /hr
Express Wash / Wax / Tires & RimsStarting at $45
Pet Hair Extraction$30
Vacuum and Windows$30

* Excessive scratches, road tar, sap soiling & pet hair are priced per job depending on size & condition.  Oversize charge will apply to trucks, SUVs, minivans, and wagons

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