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Car Wash Options

Tunnel Wash

We have the BEST equipment available. Each vehicle passes through a 100 foot wash process. It is actually two smaller car washes in one.Every body of every car gets washed two times by the softest Neoglide® foam cloth designed for cleaning automobiles. Our drying system consists of seven touch free air dryers to absorb any water drops that may be left. (With our spot free final rinse, any water left on the car will not spot).

All functions of this equipment as well as all activators are controlled by a STATE-OF THE ART computer, designed by DRB Systems.


The various cycles include:

Vision Plus

Vision clear causes water to beat off your windshield improving visibility and reduces dangerous glare in wet and dark weather conditions.

Exterior Wash

Our exterior wash process uses only the finest quality materials formulated especially for today’s automotive finishes. Our wash water is filtered with a filtration system that assures us of the cleanest and safest water to clean automobiles. Our rinse water, is water at its purest-fresh water filtered through a series of media tanks that removes any remaining minerals from the water and produces a spot free rinse.

Sealer Wax

(Seals in the Shine) A polymer-fortified sealer wax (liquid form) designed by Simoniz for automatic car washes. This product is lightly scented and is applied in the final rinse/waxing area of the wash process. It’s an added protection (against; acid, rain, bird droppings, tree sap, etc.) suitable for all automobile finishes, and it will leave a high luster on your vehicle’s finish and will not smear windshields.

Triple Foam Polish

(Cleaner, Sealer, and Protector) This process is actually an application of three different products manufactured by Simoniz. This application is applied after the first wash cycle. It consists of an application of three different colors applied in conjunction with each other, to create an exceptional Clear Coat finish rejuvenator. This cleans, polishes, and prepares the surface. Best results will come when used in conjunction with Sealer Wax or Teflon Double Bond.

Wheel Brite

Heavy duty cleaning compound designed to clean without damaging modern wheels. Applied by hand as a diluted mixture and prepped by an attendant, then high-pressure blasters rinse away dirt, film, and brake-dust. A must for mag-style wheels as well as chrome hubcaps.

Undercarriage Wash

This application of pressured water sprays the underbody of your vehicle while side blasters are cleaning around wheel wells. This is done in the wash cycle.

Double Bond with Teflon

Is a film forming process that cures as it dries on your vehicle. The next time it rains or your vehicle is washed, water will bead up and fall off like never before. Additional applications of DOUBLE BOND will only enhance durability. Simoniz guarantees the shine to last thirty days or they will send you a $3.00 rebate.

Tire Shine

We all love the wet tire look, this application is the final step. Your tires will look better than when you got them.

Simoniz Hot Wax

Simoniz’s unique formulation is a technological breakthrough. It combines the shine produced by a blend of polymers, the durability of carnauba* wax and the ability not to adhere to glass.

*Carnauba car wax is the hardest natural wax known to man. It is produced by a palm tree in Brazil to coat its leaves and shield them from the intense tropical sun. It sheds water and it’s clear. Carnauba wax is preferred by true enthusiasts and collectors for its rich, multi-faceted glow.

Also, you can add a quick interior detail to any package for $20. The this includes:

  • Front floors vacuumed
  • Dashboard Wiped
  • Front 3 windows cleaned
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